Faves of 2008: #6 and #5

#6: Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend
This album has topped many best-of lists for the year. I listened to this album sometime ago, so it’s hard for me to believe that this is a 2008 album. Either way… I LOVE it.

For me, the album sounds and feels SO refreshing. It’s hard to place their pop-ish sound. I hear many different influences- from Paul Simon (see “Kape Code Kwassa Kwassa”) to the Beach Boys (see “Campus”)- but, I love the way their sound can easily be identified to them. It’s the bubbly combination of bass, guitar, and keyboards (at least, I think that’s how they get that one horn sound).

It’s a happy, happy album. And, I’ve continually listened to it time and time again.

Favorite song? Don’t really have one. I like ‘em all.
Listen to: "Campus"

#5: Nada Surf: Lucky
I don’t know what it is about Nada Surf… I’ve been a huge fan ever since “Let Go.” I think a big part of it, for me, is their melodies. They’re beautiful. (Examples: “See These Bones,” and “Are You Lightning.”)

I think this band in general gets lost in the shuffle by a lot of bigger bands. But, give them a chance. You’ll love them.

Favorite song: This is a tough decision. How about “Are you Lightning?” (This one makes me hum aloud at work. Wait for the strings at the end... pretty.)


Jeremy said...

Can't wait to see the last of the list!

Good variety so far.

Carlye Momma said...

I had never heard that song before...SO pretty! (Are You Lightning.) I like your taste in music mama!