Cup of Tea, Anyone?

Cup of Tea

I've already had two cups of Peppermint Tea today... this rainy weather is making me cold.

(This is one of my favorite tea-cups. Jeff gave it to me for Christmas; we also have a 'J' mug.)


Krista said...

are those from anthro? i saw some similar if not the same and was hoping i'd be gifted with 2 too. lucky girl.

Carlye Momma said...

Oh how cute is that little tea cup??? LOVE IT! It was a cold day wasn't it? We get another today! I think I'm more in the mood today than I was yesterday though. Anywho...cute cute! LOVE AND MISS YOUR FACE MAMA!

laceyJ. said...

Yes- he did get them at Anthro... what a sweet gift, huh?