A Little Craft

Valentine's Garland 2

Last week, I got together with my girlfriend's for a Craft Night. I'm so glad we did. I have some very impressive crafter's as friends. Each were working on lovely pieces (of which, I hope they blog about- as all are definitely blog-worthy), and I decided to work on a Valentine's decoration.

I saw this and was totally inspired. (And, it seemed something I could actually create.) All you need: cupcake liners, thread, and a needle... voila! Valentine's Day garland.


threelittlebirds said...

love the cute cupcake liners!

Krista said...

cute idea! i'll have to try that.
can't wait to see more if you post 'em.

ali said...

Oh, how sweet. You're getting good at these whimsical garlands. And that's a lovely photo!

.caroline armelle. said...

very cute! and i love the photo too!

i need to make one of these..

puglyfeet said...

Oh, so cute. I'm gonna try this.