Jeff and I have been up late the last few nights watching the last of Conan O'Brien's Late Night show. We've become huge fans of his and especially this show. I love tuning into the beginning of each episode, as the opening dialogue and opening skit usually have me rolling.

He only has two episodes to go, so watch while you can...! We have a feeling he will be a bit more restrained when he starts his new gig later this year.

(The above clip was shown last night- some random bloopers from over the years.)


Brad K. said...

Thanks for posting that Lace. I haven't been staying current with my Conan.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh gosh... I LOVE CONAN TOO! I'm glad he'll still be one TV & probably make some more money at his new job.

But you're right he'll probably have to tone it down on the new show, huh?

Thanks for the post! It made me day!

James said...

I love Conan. I respect Conan.

I hope Conan continues to be a comic genious.

Heres to Conan.