Dark Was The Night

Jo reminded me of this wonderful project that was released this week.

Dark Was The Night features 31 tracks by some fabulous artists- all covers or new tracks by the featured artists- benefiting the the Red Hot Organization, which is a charity dedicated to awareness and research for HIV and AIDs.

Some of my favorite tracks include duets by Feist+Ben Gibbard, Feist+Grizzly Bear, Conor Oberst+Gillian Welch, and Blonde Redhead+The Devastations.

Preview all tracks here.

Don't you love new music? I do. This brightened my morning. (Yeah- it hasn't been my week. I accidentally dropped my debit card into the garbage this morning while putting gas into the car and then cleaning out said car. Don't worry, after rummaging through the garbage, I found it. Yuck.)

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Becca Ricks said...

I discovered this album last week! I just about fainted when I saw the artists they put together.