Guilty Pleasure #7

(But who's counting anyway?)

You know you’re sort of pathetic when the bright spot of your day is looking forward to watching a reality television show. And, not just any reality television show; I’m talking about “The Bachelor.”

This guilty pleasure of mine has long been a mild obsession; I've watched almost every season. I’m not sure what it is about the show- from a feminist point of view, it is pretty repulsive. 20+ women all vying for the attention of ONE man. ONE man who schmooze’s and flirts with each gal, ONE man who each girl will do anything for (ah-hem fantasy dates).

It’s, um, pretty repulsive but... oh-so very entertaining.

This current season hasn’t been my favorite; I never rooted for Jason. I mean sure- it is cute that he’s a dad and all… But, there are two actions of Jason’s in particular that kill me every time:

Exhibit A: The way he always greets his “girlfriends” after not seeing them in over a week (please tell me you’ve noticed this):

Step 1. Jason RUNS towards girl.
Step 2. Jason gets down in a slight crouch position.
Step 3. Girl jumps into arms…

And what’s next?

Step 4. Jason begins a twirling session. (Melissa’s got this down precisely.) He twirls them around until he realizes:
a. his arms hurt and
b. he’s way too dizzy

I think: C’mon dude- those greet-n-meet twirls are only romantic for so long. Now, it just seems like an act.

Exhibit B: The man loves to smooch. But, he only likes to smooch when he’s got nothing to say. ESPECIALLY when the girl asks some really serious, personal questions. Really- he does- you’ll soon notice it, and he does it A LOT.

So… amongst all my complaints, I’m still trying to figure out why I tune in every week:

+ Maybe it’s the possibility that one of these couples really can find true love.
+ Maybe I’m waiting for the Bachelor to get dumped, instead of the other way around.
+ Maybe I’m just a romantic at heart and anytime someone says “Will you accept this rose,” I swoon. (I really don't think this is it.)
+Maybe I think Chris Harrison is the best host. Ever.
+ Maybe I love mindless entertainment.

Whatever it is, I’m definitely tuning in tonight.

Any other fans out there? Who are you picking? (My favorite was Jillian- bless her heart.)


chelsea said...

I haven't owned a TV for a couple of years. But now, I am totally hooked on this show! I love a mindless reality show to look forward to. It's a huge stress relief. I loved Jillian but she's too good for him. I've missed the last two weeks so I am excited to tune in tonight:)! the whole premise is just ridiculous but fun to watch!

Ellen said...

i'm addicted too. i WAS looking forward to tonight, until i remembered that it was the reunion show. i WISH it was the finale. i can't wait to see what happens when DeAnna returns. and the way they're promo-ing the finale... makes it sound SUPER dramatic. i can't wait! and chelsea is right, Jillian was too good for him. My bet: Melissa.

Robin said...

This is the first season I've watched and I'm hooked! Jillian was my pick and I'm not a huge fan of Jason anymore. My favorite thing of his is when he does that cheesy gaze forward with his chin raised every time he picks up a rose at the ceremony.

Now that Jill's gone, my pick is Molly. So tired of Melissa and her short shorts! (or should we call them "stretchy pants"?)

Dede said...

Stop right now...I have seen you several times in the last little bit and we haven't talked about it!!! We have a lot of catching up to do LJ. I just want to say now...Jillian was my fav. He's pretty stupid to let her go. We'll talk more.

becky said...

amen! i was so sad about jillian! i still have hope for her.

Erin said...

I was a Jillian fan all the way. Oh, and I also LOVE Chris Harrison. He is totally my favorite.

laceyJ. said...

Do you girls hear?! Maybe Jillian will be the next bachelorette! That would be fabulous!

Allison said...

I just about lost it reading that -- so funny. You are dead on with your observations. I haven't really watched the bachelor since college, but I've tuned into this season and I am hooked too. My favorite was Jillian too! he made a huge mistake there. I think he wants a girl he can just swoon.

brecke said...

Me too I hope Jillian is the next bachelorette, it better not be Stephanie or I will not watch it!!

Brown Family said...

Zootie you crack me up! but MOLLY all the way.. it rhymes with Polly.... zzzzzzz