I Miss Music...

Now that I rarely have time to scout out new music, I'm happy that some of my old favorites are coming out with new albums. Like this beautiful song from Azure Ray (who will forever remind me of my college days). Also coming out soon, a new Belle and Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, and rumor has it, Cat Power. Lovely.


Jamie said...

This song made me so happy! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

I've been listening to the new Belle and Sebastian since Tuesday. I haven't even gotten through the whole album yet since I'm obsessed with track 2 and track 4!

naomemandeflores said...

Love this song!!!

Camila F.

Brian said...

Your music genre better not die. Cuz thats some good music.

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david_hatton said...

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ladaisi said...

Hello! I love your profile picture with the camera - the sweetest photo! I just stumbled across your blog and have been browsing through your photographs - I hope I take such candid, beautiful, clear photographs of people I love someday (when I buy a functioning camera). I'm also a new mommy, and an artist! I read a bit of your post on working out and losing the pregnancy weight - good luck! It's a tough time, I know, but gets you feeling back to normal again so much faster if you do it!

- Lauren

ladaisi said...

I am officially following you now.

39 to 40...The journey to my Do-Over said...

Hi I just stumbled across this and got excited to see a mention of Belle and Sebastian and Cat Power.

I don't know about you but I love it when people randomly recommend bands to me though I find most on youtube these days (when I even get a chance to, that is). Have you heard All to All by Broken Social Scene? I really love Lisa Lobsinger's voice in it, it's kind of ethereal. Thanks for posting your video, now I have a new band I like!

ladaisi said...

Me again!

Come win my Target Gift Card giveaway and you can buy new music!

- Lauren

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Nancy said...

Just clicked here from next blog. Glad I did. Great song. I'll check out some of the others you mentioned.