This Year in Music

I usually do a write-up of my favorite music from the year, which I LOVE to do because it's a good way to assess the artists I really fell in love with. But, as you can tell, I was totally preoccupied this year with my sweet baby boy. So, now, I am relying on others to tell me who to tune in.

If you too want some suggestions for good albums from the year, here are some good resources:

And, if you have favorites from this year, I am all ears!


Anonymous said...

omgee! im not sure what type of music you are into, but i love a lil bit of only everything!:) this year i trully fell in love with taylor swift. and no, i am not ashamed to sy it:)

Steve Finnell said...

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lila Braga said...

fabulous choices!!! love them all>
love your blog too! ;)

Rowena said...

Very Cute Kids

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ali said...

I miss those posts! And you.

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AUSAcara said...

Hello! I hit "next blog" tonight after uploading to mine, and must say, this is the first time I have ever enjoyed where it brought me!

Will continue to follow you - gorgeous music and gorgeous pictures!

I live in Australia, and every year a national radio station, Triple J, puts out a Hottest 100 which is the worlds largest music poll. That's how I get most of my new music! They come out on January 26th each year (Australia Day...kind of like 4th of July).
Cheers! Cara