On a mission...

To decorate our new living room.

We're really close to putting the finishing touches on our family room (still need to hang shelves, order more prints for the wall, add some "things" to the book shelf). Now, it's time to focus on the living room...

This is the room that houses my beautiful upright piano. The room where we'll "visit" with neighbors and friends. You know... the room that isn't used much because it doesn't house a television?

Well. I'm trying to rid that habit and make this room the top-notch meeting place.

Today, I found a steal of a deal on side-tables. Thinking these particular tables were at least $50 or more (still- good deal, right?), I went to the cashier and she scanned one table in--- $15.00. Sa-weet. (Thank you Target.) So, I ran to get the other side-table.

And check. Side-tables purchased.

Currently, I'm eyeing this petal rug in yellow. I'm in love with this color. (Oh, and just so you know, I did in fact purchase this side-table but then promptly took it back. At the time, I think I was afraid to commit to that color. But, now I'm ready.)

For me, the decoration process all starts with a good rug. Seriously. Otherwise, my color choices could be all over the place... so, hopefully, I'm one step closer to deciding what my color palette will be.

Though, my spouse isn't in love with the rug- guess I'll have to try and convince him that yellow is cool!


Lisa Cannon said...

I really like the yellow rug. I am really into yellow and blue right now. Have fun decorating!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

I love yellow but am with you. I'm not 100% sure I can commit to it. That rug is awesome and would be a great starting point to decorate around!!! Can't wait to see the new room. Have fun :)

{Amanda} said...

oh oh ohhhh happy yellow!

and another cool thing is that i posted living room redecorating last night too--- lacey jane i think we're on the same wavelength =)