Faves of 2008: #10 and #9

Since 2006, I've blogged about my favorite albums of the year. (See here and here.) It was a great way for me to categorize one of my favorite things to blog about: music.

This year, I will admit, I wasn’t able to listen to as many albums as I wanted to. But, I still wrangled up ten of my favorite albums of 2008.

Let’s start at #10 (I’ll end on Friday with my top two albums; I know. The suspense is killing you!):

Jenny Lewis’ Acid Tongue
Jenny’s 2006 album Rabbit Fur Coat was one of my favorite album’s that year. I’ve been a big fan of Rilo Kiley’s work, so when she went solo, it was nice to hear her take on song writing.

I admire Lewis’ song-writing skills. I love that she becomes this different character and shares these beautiful stories and songs with us. However, with Acid Tongue, I felt that the song-writing felt more forced than anything else.

And, judge me if you’d like, but I am not a fan of Elvis Costello. As he was featured on a couple tracks on this album, that too turned me off.

However, the title track- Acid Tongue could easily be one of my favorite tracks of 2008. I LOVE the melody and lyrics to this song. It’s pretty awesome. But, unfortunately, the rest of the album fell short for me.

Favorite track: Acid Tongue
(To listen, click on song title.)

I’ll admit; I’m very surprised this next album made my list. I originally bought this album for Jeff, and we both gave this album many a play-time. We love it.

#9: Flight of the Conchords: Flight of the Conchords
Jeff and I watched the first season of this series over the summer. And, it quickly become one of our favorite television series ever.

I bought this album for Jeff, as he constantly recited all of the silly lyrics. It ended up in my car, and it has remained in the #3 CD slot for the past 6 months. Whenever I’m sick of whatever albums are in the CD player, I turn to this, listen intently, all the while singing and laughing.

This duo are amazing song-writers. The lyrics are obviously hysterical and witty, but the melodies are tremendous. If you listen to just the beginning of the track, for example, Mutha’uckas- the guitar is AMAZING!

I absolutely love most of the tracks on this album…

But, the one that amazes me listen and listen again is Think About It. Wow. These lyrics DO make me think about... it.

(For the record, I’m a bigger fan of Jemaine. Can't help it.)

Favorite track: Think About It
(To listen, click on song-title.)

I'll be back tomorrow for my #8 and #7 picks.


Gretchen said...

The FotC boys really do have mad skillz. I'm a Jemaine fan, too. Did you hear that he named his son Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis Clement? Holy cats, that's a mouthful of a name.

Jeremy said...

I'm a little surprised at those two picks. I knew you weren't totally sold on RK and FoftheC...I haven't heard the audio album, but for me the visuals of the show are what make the songs so bloody genius and without that, it might seem like a Weird Al record to me.

Can't wait to see the rest of your list!

Jeremy said...

I hope She & Him make the list!

Jamie said...

hey! so i took my blog private and would love to keep in touch with you. will you email me at uteinky2006@yahoo.com??

jo said...

yay, i am looking forward to the rest of your 2008 album list, music-twin n_n

Ellen said...

you know what? i don't like elvis costello either! glad FOTC made your list. can't wait to see the rest. i should start making my list of top songs of the year.

laceyJ. said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I'd love to read any of your "Best of" lists, so let me know if you plan to blog about them!

Les said...

Hey Lacey!

I really loved that Jenny Lewis track. I kind of skipped over this album this year because I wasn't the biggest fan of Rabbit Fur Coat, but I see now that I'm gonna have to check it out. She has a beautiful voice.